About Me

My Story

My name is Andrew Dundas and I am a junior journalism major at UNC-Chapel Hill’s Hussman School of Journalism and Media. I have a broad range of interests, including folklife, environmental studies and culture. My experience includes work in a number of different mediums. Predominantly, I have worked in print, though I taught myself photography while on exchange in Eastern Europe and am currently learning to produce audio and video content.

My official journey into journalism has only just begun, as I transferred to UNC-CH this year from A-B Tech, a community college in Asheville, North Carolina. That said, for years my endeavors have consisted of communication and education.

As a high school student, I interned at the North Carolina Institute for Climate Studies writing press releases and web stories. After my year there, I spent another year with Rotary Youth Exchange, living in Slovakia and learning the language, culture and history of the region. I traveled often, be it to nearby mountains or entirely different countries. I documented that time in my blog, An Eastward Exchange. The experience taught me dedication—adhering to one post every three days—and that dedication led me to explore my surroundings fearlessly and creatively, finding stories in places of which I otherwise would not have thought.

More recently, I have worked with community papers. First, my hometown’s non-profit monthly, the Fairview Town Crier. I contributed a story about my exchange program, then stayed in touch and began working on event stories and a series documenting local artisans. That experience led me to pursue Hussman’s community journalism where I have worked under the wonderful Jock Lauterer as a report and print editor on the Durham Voice. We do ‘relentlessly local’ coverage for a largely minority community in Durham that is generally undeserved by local media.

Everything I have done has taught me about communication and education. I aim to create media that effectively instills new knowledge in my audience, better informing them to make decisions about the world around them. Journalism has the power to bridge gaps between people, putting them in someone else’s shoes.

That is what I want to do. I want to provide information and perspective to people, so that they’re better equipped to take on the world and a little more likely to do it with empathy.