Last Thursday, the Canadians students in Slovakia had a small dinner party in Poprad and planned to tour the village of Starý Smokovec in the Tatras the following morning. I was invited to join them on their trip and instead of traveling all the way to Poprad to take the tram back up into the Tatras, I rode with my host mother when she took my host brother to school in the town just north of us. Among the Tatra villages, Vyšné Hágy has a tram connection and from there I would arrive in Smokovec just before them.

Yet, I had an hour and a half before my tram departed, so I took the time and toured the town’s lanes once again, taking some photos even amidst the deep fog. The following exhibit a few of those photos as well as the ones I took later in Starý Smokovec (also a few from Tatranská Lomnica, so this is more of just a High Tatras gallery, I suppose):