Work Examples

Video Production

A collection of my work in educational media production and documentary filmmaking, including clips produced for and owned by the North Carolina Arboretum. Many of the videos in this reel, and more of my work can be found below.

Protecting Sea Turtles: Science and Wonder

Where the waves crash at the very bottom on North Carolina’s coast, Paul Hillbrand rises early and stays out late patrolling the beaches and using science to protect the sea turtles that nest there.

Roles: Research, filming, graphic design, and video editing.

Healing from the Hollar

The law can punish, but it can’t heal the Tanner’s land. In the wake of destructive coal mining, that’s something only hard work and passion can do.

Roles: Story-boarding, research, filming, and video editing.

Being a Fish Vet

Dr. Sam is a veterinarian from the Greensboro Science Center. Part of his job is keeping the many fish in their aquariums healthy. Follow along and discover what its like to be a fish vet!

Roles: Graphic design and video editing.

Graphic Design

The following represent graphical work in the form of interpretive signage, motion graphics, and print layout. They were respectively created in Adobe Illustrator, Adobe After Effects and Canva.

Motion Graphics

Print Media