This past Thursday I had the opportunity to officially photograph for my school’s initiation of the first year students. I had so much fun watching and documenting the various silly trials and engaging in the ensuing dance party! Now, after hours of slaving over the images, editing them as near to perfection as I can manage, I have received a gratifyingly positive reception from my peers and am proud to present a select few here!

(2022 Editor’s Note: I seem to have misplaced all images from this event, so here are links to the videos I recorded. I believe these were the first I filmed in any official, documentary capacity.)

In the process of editing, I began to think of a new project I may begin to pursue. You see, my adventures have slowed slightly since arriving and, accordingly, so have my posts. I’ve entered into a—comparatively, at least—mundane routine, which has always been inevitable. Yet, I still wish to produce more frequent content and practice my photography. This leads me to the aforementioned “new project”. I would like create more abstract and heavily edited artistic photos, such as these:

I believe creating art in this way will prove to be a interesting new past time and I look forward to sharing all of my work here.