Hostel life has been more all-consuming than I imagined it would be, however, I have still managed to find some precious time to get out and document the city.

I went out early the other morning and just wandered, capturing whatever struck my eye. I do think it would be more productive if I go with a plan next time, but this is hopefully more than enough for you all to get a sense of what Bratislava is like.

The first shot is the square (KamennĂ© NĂ¡mestie) which I am staying very close to. There’s a church and a spire on the left, right before that is a street and that is where the hostel is.

Also, the background music is Mozart, who just so happened to play his first concert here in Bratislava. I’ll be sure to document the building where that occurred before long.

Another element of this trip was to give me the time and wonder to pursue photography and film as a passion again. I’ve got a ways to go to be where I want to be as a video producer, but I’m excited for all the opportunities I have ahead of me.



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